Jessica Andrade, Realtor

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Prepare to Sell!

Preparing to sell can be a hugh decision or could be a necessity. In either case, there are setps you can take to ensure your home stands out above the crowd.

1. Talk with a Realtor in your area that is knowledgable about current market trends and home pricing. Home pricing varies from area to area and this can be a confusing concept to many. A listing attracts the most attention during the first few weeks it is on the market and if the home is not priced correctly it could deter many potentional buyers.

2. Marketing your listing to potential buyers varies from local MLS services to sites that are distributed nation wide. Thousands of buyers can view your listing in any given week.

3. In my opinion, behind pricing, the single most important element of selling your property is appearance, inside and out. A property that is well maintained is more appealing to potentianl buyers. Over the course of time, homes need touches that are inexpensive but bring the property back to life.

       a. Keep thelawn mainteance (mow the grass, remove dead trees, keep flower beds free of weeds, trim the edges of the lawn, remove clutter/trash from the outside)

       b. Touchup (pressure wash the exterior of the home, replace missing light bulbs, repaint/stain the front door, clear porches of clutter, clean the windows)

       c. Depersonalize the interior (keep family pictures to a minimal, remove unused furniture, straighten bookshelves, arrange cabinet and pantry shelves neatly, clean out clostes so they are not overpacked, get rid of sickly plants, remove everything from kitchen countertops except what is essential to daily life, remove personal items from bathroom countertops, clean fans, replace missing light bulbs)

While there is no golden key to a quick sell any of these tips will help speed the process along. Feel free to contact me if you wish to sell your property in the Washington County area.